No More Damned Secrets    

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 Publication date: 28 March 2013


 No More Damned Secrets                 


         Paul Cornes


After his mother’s death, Paul Cornes discovered that the man who had brought him up was not his biological father. Unravelling the web of lies constructed by his mother with the collusion of her family, Paul discovered that he was a ‘war child’, the son of a Canadian veteran.


Suspecting a bureaucratic firewall would prevent him from getting any help through official channels in Canada, Paul used public sources to trace his father and their shared Irish, Scottish, English and North American roots, in some cases through as many as eleven generations. Although his father had died, Paul discovered he had a half-sister and an extended family – into which he has been welcomed with open arms.


This is an inspiring story about how uncovering the truth has opened up a new sense of identity and belonging for the author and for his children and grandchildren.   It is also an eloquent argument on behalf of the war children who are not legally entitled to any recognition from the Canadian Government – a call for the situation to be redressed in the name of fundamental human rights.


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No More Damned Secrets

Publication date: 28 March 2013


ISBN: 978-184624-825-2