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Anthony Marchant is looking for his father/family in Canada.

Anthony hasn't got much information about his  father. But he was a Canadian serviceman stationed in the Lewisham area of South London, England.  His fathers name is John Saville or Seville.


Anthony was born 30th June 1945 so was conceived about 8th October 1944.



Anthony age 7 with his cousin Brenda

Anthony mother was Lilian Marjorie Marchant and born September 1914

John had the nickname of "onion". He accompanied Antony's mother when she was bombed out of her home in Lewisham in 1944 to stay with Anthony's Aunt in Darwin, Lancashire. She moved back to Croydon, London to stay with grandmother. And Anthony's father John would  visit her there.


            Lilian Marjorie Marchant



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Anthony Marchant  Taken  2009

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