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Brian is looking for his father a Canadian solider stationed in the UK during WW2. He only has the name Hector, which is not much to go on but he would love to meet his Canadian father or Canadian family.





According to his mother Ada Gwendoline Muggeridge, Brian's father Hector was billeted in a house opposite where she was working in domestic service in Littlehampton, West Sussex.

Brian was born in April 1942 so was conceived in July 1941.

His mother was 30 years old when she met Hector.

She joined the W.R.A.F. at the end of 1942.






Brian age 2 years old.





Brian would love to meet his father/Canadian family, so if you can help please contact us and quote case number 75172






Canadian Roots UK is a non-profit, self-help group for families and Canadian military fathers separated during WWII. We help members to help themselves try and trace their fathers in Canada.

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