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Irene is looking for her father/family in Canada.

Irene hasn't got much information about her family. Her father was a Canadian serviceman stationed in the Rochdale, Lancashire area of England. She only has his first name Jean (Her mother pronounced it John). He was a French-Canadian soldiers. Irene was born 20th June 1945 so was conceived about the 27th Sept 1944.




Irene's mother Mary Miller was born in 1909, So she would of been about 35 years old when she conceived. Mary was working in munitions and was lodging with a Mrs Rogers in Milnrow Road, Rochdale at the time. Mary died in 1985.



Mary Miller Irene's mother         










                     Irene                                                     Irene

A description of Irene's father:-
 Jean (John) was tall, and stooped somewhat in the way that tall people do.
He was a remarkably strong person and seemed very healthy.
His hair was jet black, wiry, thick and wavy. His face was `round like a coin.`
His eyes had the feature that one sees in Siberians or Native Indians. Like that.
He had thick black eyebrows.
He was hardly ever without a smile on his face. A very jocular man who laughed easily at life. Happy by nature.
He had a flair for languages and for music - he had a very sweet singing voice. He was creative, maybe in terms of artistic ability, but certainly he was able to make any number of things from scratch. He loved to be close to nature, had a deep affinity with `mother earth.` He needed a lot of space to be himself unimpeded.
He was compassionate, caring, a deeply sensitive person.
He was very `speedy` - impatient, everything he did was at flying speed. Impetuous.
He may have had a few projects on the go at the same time.
He was extremely expressive in his speech and body language. Loved to talk, communicate.


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