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On Sunday 19th August 2012, the 70th anniversary of the  Dieppe Raid.  A small group of people gathered along the West Worthing seafront at the bottom of Grand Ave, to remember the Canadian servicemen that were

 stationed in and around Worthing that left, many never to return from the ill-fated event.  Chris Vowles  who runs the not for profit charity “Canadian Roots UK ” arranged with the consent  of  Worthing Borough 

 Council  for the Canadian Flag to be raised at the bottom of Grand Ave along  Worthing seafront.  This was one of the positions, where Canadian servicemen manned the large guns during their stay in Worthing defending

 the South  Coast from possible invasion.  “Canadian Roots UK” helps those that were fathered by Canadian servicemen during WW2 trace their Canadian family, and to date Chris has reunited 101 families. 

 Along with Chris Vowles, Dave Petts and Ken Mcdonald who were both successfully reunited by Chris with their Canadian families. Plus others held a minutes silence followed by Chris laying a wreath in memory of the

 many Canadian servicemen who on the 19th August 1942 landed on the beaches of Dieppe never to return. Cllr Tom Wye also in attendance commented that “The Canadian Servicemen were a major part of Worthing

 life during WW2 and the help that they gave to Worthing should not be forgotten”. 

 The flag was put up on Friday 17th August 2012 by the Beach Office and lowered to half- mast on Sunday 19th August.

 Canadian Roots UK together with Worthing Borough Council have agreed that a permanent memorial will be erected on the seafront opposite Grand Avenue by the 19th August 2013.


Anyone wishing to donate to this memorial may do so by either clicking the button below or by cheque payable to "Canadian Roots UK".  9 Homesearle House, 225 Goring Road , Goring By Sea, West Sussex, BN12 4PW.



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