-----Canadian War Children Of World War Two-----





Gloria  is looking for her family in Canada.

Gloria hasn't got much information about her family.

Her relation Dorothy Willett who came from  Worthing, West Sussex married a Canadian  soldier during WW1. His name was  Arsenault sorry no first name. She thinks that they were married in Canada.

They had a child  Lee Arsenault who like her mother married a Canadian Soldier but this time during WW2. His name is Barr again no first name. Again Gloria thinks they were married in Canada. Both settled in Vancouver.

Gloria say's the family in the UK would love to get in contact with their family in Canada.

If you can help Gloria find her Canadian family, please contact us below together with the page number.

Please Contact us and include the page number       Page No  71520.



Canadian Roots UK  is a non-profit, self-help group for families and Canadian  military fathers  separated during WWII.  We help members to help themselves try and trace their fathers in Canada.

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