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James Halls the son of Philip Ashley Patrick Halls is looking for a child in the UK, fathered by his father during WW2. Possibly in Sussex.


Philip was a Sergeant in the Royal Canadian Regiment (RCA) and was stationed in the UK from September 1942 to early April 1943. He came from Toronto, Ontario,



          Philip Ashley Patrick Halls

The Royal Canadian Regiment spent time in the following places:

August 1942 - Possingworth Park, Nr Cross in Hand, East Sussex.

September 1942 - Newick-Chailey, East Sussex.

Oct - Nov 1942 - Possingworth Park, Nr Cross in Hand, East Sussex.

December 1942 - Inverary, Argyll, Scotland.

January - April 1943 - Possingworth Park and Worthing Area. 

May 1943 - Inverary, Argyll, Scotland.  

June 1943 - Sailed from Gouroc, Glasgow.

On the 10 July 1943, the RCR landed at Pachino, in the opening waves of the Allied invasion of Sicily.  The regiment and its sister units in the 1st Brigade, The Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment and the 48th Highlanders of Canada fought in several battles as the division advanced north and then east towards Messina. After the 38-day campaign on the island was completed, the regiment was involved in another amphibious landing at Reggio di Calabria on the Italian mainland in September.

Philip was killed in action on 16 September 1944 age 28. His is buried  at the Coriano Ridge War Cemetery, Italy.                    


If you have any information that could help James find his half sibling in the UK,

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